U.S. Senator John Cornyn and Congressman Will Hurt visited Alamo Colleges Wednesday to discuss U.S.-Mexico trade relations during a Border Trade Advisory Committee meeting.

Studies show that the U.S. and Mexico do approximately $600 billion of trade every year. President Donald Trump has said that he wants to strengthen that. The president set a 90-day clock for Congress to review the North American Free Trade Agreement, which would allow the U.S., Mexico, and Canada to renegotiate a new version of NAFTA in the coming weeks.

"I think everybody recognizes the enormous benefit of trade with Mexico and Canada because what they want to do, they want to further enhance it, they want to modernize it rather than to eliminate it," Senator Cornyn said.

Senator Cornyn and Congressman Hurd say that because of new policies in Mexico, the new NAFTA will allow the U.S. to invest in the country's energy sector. They also expect there to be an increased focus on the trade of digital goods and services between the two countries.

"The fact that the internet was used very differently 23 years ago than it is now, this is one way that we can set a standard for trade agreements in the future in other parts of the world," Congressman Hurd said.

The projected increase of trade between the U.S. and Mexico has a direct impact here in Texas. Studies show that 75 percent of the $600 billion trade between the two countries comes through Texas, most of that on Texas highways.

"We're going through that process now, identifying the key trade corridors and our key transportation corridors and identifying the troubled spots, and doing everything we can to make sure that the taxpayer dollars can go as far as they can go to remedy those problems and facilitate that trade," said Tryon Lewis, chair of TxDOT.