The U.S. Census Bureau predicts that there will be an additional 1.1 million people in San Antonio in the year 2040. On Wednesday, stakeholders from all across the city kicked off S.A. Tomorrow's comprehensive planning to help figure out how to accommodate the influx of people.

"This is the start of the community planning process where we're bringing everybody together so that we can start to tackle the critical challenges," said Rudy Nino, the assistant director of San Antonio Planning and Community Development.

The $1 million plan has three parts focusing on land use and design, sustainability, and transportation. Neighborhoods under the plan include the University of Texas at San Antonio, Medical Center, mid-town, downtown, Brooks and the west side.

"This is now when we get into the difficult conversations about land use designations," Mayor Ron Nirenberg said. "So what we want to make sure of is that we're having good, honest discussions, that we're actively engaging the community."

Teri Kilmer, who lives on the west side, said that she's all for the city's growth and welcoming new neighbors, as long as that means swift improvements to longstanding problems in her neighborhood.

"We have been forgotten for many years and I hope that we can bring it to their attention," Kilmer said.

Additional planning meetings are scheduled for the future to continue hearing the community's vision moving forward.