According to a preliminary budget obtained by the Washington Post, President Donald Trump has proposed slashing the federal Housing and Urban Development budget by more than $6 billion.

The cuts could put public housing authorities in a bind. Nearly 30,000 people are on the waiting list for section 8 housing in San Antonio while 65,000 are already getting assistance.

John David Griffin lives in senior and disabled public housing. His building is maintained by the San Antonio Housing Authority (SAHA).

"I've had a number of heart attacks, and a few other issues coming up as I get older. Arthritis is one of them," said Griffin, who noted that he's been on housing assistance for almost 25 years and can't imagine not having the help. "It's a worry, that I wake up in cold sweat sometimes. I can see myself back out on the street."

If the proposal passes in its reported form, the building Griffin calls home could be in jeopardy.

"If you think we already have a problem with homeless people, multiply that seven-fold or more," Griffin said.

Rosario Neaves, a spokesperson SAHA, said that the cuts could impact San Antonio's 70 public housing facilities.

"That includes providing daily maintenance to maintain the quality of those units," Neaves explained.

Not to mention, this could be bad news for those who have been on the waiting list to receive housing assistance.

Neaves added that the waiting list for section 8 housing in San Antonio is up to seven years.

"It demonstrates the need for more federal funding, not for less," said Neaves, who also said that the budget offers a sneak peek into the community. "[It's] a chance to speak out and advocate to federal elected officials, do everything you can to ensure this proposed budget doesn't go through."