People living along the border are hoping to hear a more positive message from President Donald Trump on Tuesday night as he lays out his vision for his new administration.

Whether it be immigration, border security, or healthcare, many of the topics President Trump will talk about will affect border communities.

The people that KENS 5 spoke to on the border all want to see a shift in Trump’s rhetoric towards some immigrants. Those that we spoke to in Weslaco say that they feel misrepresented in Washington.

Raul Salinas, who’s enjoying retirement, feels that there’s a lot of uncertainty in the air. He says that many of the policy changes that the president is proposing are affecting the people around him, some of whom are undocumented immigrants.

Salinas also said that his brother just enrolled in Obamacare and wants to see it expanded, not cut. He’s hoping to hear something positive from the president otherwise, he says, it’s all just a waste.

Justin Trejo, a 22-year-old police officer, feels the same way. Even though Trejo voted for Trump, he says that he’s not impressed so far.

“Listen to what the people want, not just what his people want, which is his ‘genre,’ his kind of people, his voters. Look at everybody in the United States. Let’s ask Mexicans. Let’s ask Latinos what is it that they expect when it comes to healthcare,” Trejo said. “Let’s try to treat as many people as we can that are sick. I mean, how can we push people away like that?”

Karina Martinez said that she wants to hear a softer tone from the president. She worked the fields in places like Arizona and Michigan, and says that working people like her deserve more respect.

Many living along the border will tune in on Tuesday and pay close attention to the president’s message, a message that Trump’s press secretary says will be a positive and uplifting outlook on the nation.