Mayor Ivy Taylor’s re-election campaign has set up a satirical website attacking her mayoral opponent in the upcoming election runoff, Councilman Ron Nirenberg.

The website is and mocks Nirenberg by claiming that his four promises to San Antonio are:

-Stop record job growth.
-Cut off our water to halt economic development and turn business away.
-Bring the nanny state to San Antonio.
-Save the bats.

A fake press release on the website claims that Nirenberg’s new campaign slogan is “my bad,” and quotes the councilman as having “the guts to take both sides of every issue.”

Below the fake press release is a “sale” for “Liberal Ron flip flops” and an email signup to “join the movement.”

There are also links to a Facebook page for “Liberal Ron” which has no likes as of the publishing of this story, and a link to a “Liberal Ron” Twitter account which is listed as suspended.

The website ends with a statement that the site was paid for by the Ivy Taylor for Mayor campaign treasurer Ernesto Ancira.

“Desperate people do desperate things, but these kinds of 4th grade antics are ridiculous and Mayor Taylor should be embarrassed,” Nirenberg campaign manager Kelton Morgan said. “Certainly the people of San Antonio are embarrassed by her – that’s why 58 percent of them don’t want her to be Mayor anymore.”

“It’s a light-hearted way to raise some very serious issues of Ron Nirenberg and his inability to stick to a position. He changes his position on the issues like people change socks. He’ll have one position in one part of town and he’ll change that position if he’s speaking on another part of town,” said Colin Stother with the Ivy Taylor for Mayor campaign. “It’s a welcome breathe of fresh air and the response has been overwhelming positive.”

The runoff will be held on June 10.