There's little that Mayor Ron Nirenberg can do to ease the gas panic currently going on in San Antonio.

After pleading with citizens and saying that there is no gas shortage in Texas and that people should only fill up if they have to, now Mayor Nirenberg is saying that he can't place any restriction on the city and that people should avoid hoarding and take measures like carpooling or working from home until the gas panic ends.

In a statement posted to Facebook and Twitter, the mayor said:

San Antonio, I feel your frustrations and share them with you. We've asked the state regulatory authorities to provide more frequent updates for the SA public, are in consistent communication with refineries, our city's market is being prioritized, and gas is being delivered daily and in greater quantities than usual. But demand has not decreased, with our city consuming more fuel than average largely due to panic and hoarding. I am listening and as much as I would like to impose restrictions, which we have urged retailers to observe, that authority lies within the state government, not local municipalities. Though we are told by the oil and gas companies that the distribution should normalize, we are asking anyone who can do so to take alternative transportation, carpool or work from home. Let's be considerate and help our city get back on track.

There are some signs that the panic will end soon, especially after the Labor Day holiday, but until then, many San Antonians will have to deal with hoarders and long lines before it ends.