According to a lawsuit filed in the Bexar County District Court by several landowners in Fair Oaks Ranch, the City of Fair Oaks tried to illegally annex their land before a state law made the action illegal without the owners' consent.

The lawsuit states that the City of Fair Oaks annexed the plaintiff's land despite the fact that they didn't have the authority to do so because that authority would have to come from the plaintiffs, themselves.

The lawsuit admits that the city does have the authority to annex a limited amount of land without the consent of the owners but that the city knowingly exceeded that limit by double the amount.

The landowners are asking that the court cancel the annexation, grant a permanent injunction that would prevent the City of Fair Oaks from ever trying to annex their property in a similar way again, have the city pay the plaintiff's legal fees, and refund the landowners of any taxes or other fees that the city incurs as a result of the annexation.

You can read the full lawsuit below:

LAWSUIT: City of Fair Oaks illegally tried to annex Fair Oaks Ranch by KENS 5 on Scribd