Greg Abbott has announced that he is running for a second term as governor of Texas. He made the announcement on Friday afternoon at Sunset Station in San Antonio.

The governor boasted about cutting taxes, securing the border, and improving transportation. He also focused on jobs and how the state can improve its workforce without relying solely on the oil industry.

San Antonio is where Governor Greg Abbott announced his first campaign for the state's highest office.

Hours before his announcement, Governor Abbott visited one of the largest military aircraft maintenance facilities in the world, San Antonio's Boeing facility. He praised Boeing for expanding in Texas, which is a bright spot in an energy-driven state that has long relied on the oil industry, which recently suffered a significant downturn.

"This is an example of my efforts to ensure we're expanding jobs in areas that have nothing to do whatsoever with energy so that when oil prices take a tumble in the future, we won't suffer this type of setback," Governor Abbott said.

Abbott is also promoting his work to make employment easier for men and women leaving the military as 40 percent of the workforce at Boeing San Antonio are veterans.

"In just the last two and a half years in Texas, we have added more than 450,000 new jobs. More Texans have jobs today than ever before in the history of our state," Governor Abbott noted.

The election for governor is in November 2018.

So far, no major opponents have announced their candidacies.