Texas Governor Greg Abbott is still trying to ease concerns about racial profiling. This stems from the ban on "sanctuary cities" he signed into law more than a week ago.

Now, he has a new message for the Hispanic community.

During an interview with a Univision reporter Tuesday, Abbott said:

“You are not going to be stopped and required to show your papers unless you are suspected of having committed some serious crime.”

The new state law will allow police officers to ask about a person's immigration status, even during incidents like minor traffic stops.

“All these comments made about being pulled over and detained are absolutely false,” Abbott said.

The law would require all Texas law enforcement agencies to comply with U.S. Customs And Immigration Enforcement.

“Taking on the burden of enforcing a federal immigrations law can become a very daunting task," Cibolo Police Chief Gary Cox said. "Without the funds, it could have a big impact on the way we do business."

Aside from that, Chief Cox said that it will be business as usual, emphasizing that S.B. 4 does not allow racial profiling.

Meanwhile, San Antonio Police Chief William Mcmanus has strongly opposed the law, saying that it's a federal problem, not a local law enforcement problem.

“It's just a bad idea, especially after major city police chiefs across Texas have all objected to it,” Chief McManus said.