SAN ANTONIO -- Friday was the last day of early voting, but for the Bexar County Elections Department, the work is far from over.

Bexar County Elections Administrator Jacque Callanen says that employees have already begun to prepare for Election Day, sorting through several thousand mail ballot returns.

"We have a real strong mail ballot return, which is terrific. The early ballot board has been here and they are working diligently,” Callanen said. “So far, they're at about 32,000 or 33,000 ballots back in.”

Callanen added that on Saturday, more than 600 poll workers will meet at the elections office to get supplies.

"Last minute training. We get to talk to them. They get to commiserate with each other. So that's the exciting part for us, when we see them on Saturday," Callanen said.

The elections office had record breaking numbers for early voting this year. On the first day of early voting, 35,427 people voted. It surpassed 2008's record of 20,119 votes and 2012's record of 20,087 votes.

On Thursday, the elections office said the county broke the 2008 record by nearly a hundred votes.

On Friday, more people voted than any other early voting day in Bexar County as 46,651 people cast their ballot on the last day of early voting.