A sold-out crowd will gather in downtown San Antonio on Tuesday to greet Donald Trump, showing that his base hasn't been scared away by his comments about women.

The political bomb that could sink Donald Trump's chance to be president went off Friday, as video was leaked of a 2005 conversation where Trump boasted about hitting on women and grabbing their privates.

The comments were so lewd that many in the Republican Party, including local U.S. Rep. Will Hurd, have called for Trump to step down from the top of the GOP ticket.

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As news of his comments spread over the weekend, other news organizations reported one of the two men hosting the fundraiser, San Antonio billionaire Gene Powell, had backed out. But on Monday, Powell said that's not true.

"I am deeply disappointed and offended by the comments made by Mr. Trump," Powell said in a statement. "I have one obligation left to the campaign and that is a fundraising event tomorrow in San Antonio, and I will fulfill that obligation as promised."

Trump's comments aren't scaring away high-dollar donors. The noon luncheon is sold out. The cheapest ticket was $500 a person. The most expensive was $100,000 per couple.

Trump supporter Roger Vengunta says that he doesn't feel Trump needs to address his comments again after apologizing for them on Friday and Sunday.

"Yesterday, he addressed it," Vengunta said. "He was embarrassed by it, and some of his supporters were embarrassed. At the same time, when they look deeper, it's 11, 12 years ago."

But local Democratic officials aren't letting it go, promising to bring up the issue in local races, especially the Bexar County Sheriff's race.

"Are you running as a Donald Trump Republican, or what kind of Republican are you running as?" Bexar County Democratic Party Chairman Manuel Medina asked. "You need to tell not only us, but you need to tell the electorate.”

On Thursday, one day before the tape of Trump's lewd comments was released, Republican and current Sheriff Susan Pamerleau refused to give her position on Trump, saying it wasn't relevant to public safety.