SAN ANTONIO -- Hillary Clinton's campaign team chose Cruz Ortiz to represent the National Latino Coalition with his art. The piece he designed is simple but has a powerful message.

"’Ganas’ which means, 'desire, this is what I want,' and I think this speaks globally," Ortiz said.

It's shaped like a flag with large letters spelling out the Spanish phrase "ganas."

"It says a lot about the work that I’ve dedicated a lot of my life to, so I was really stumbling," said Ortiz of his reaction to the honor. "I'm not L.A., I'm not New York, and I'm certainly not Miami or Chicago, and so it’s kind of neat that they picked a Texas artist to represent the entire nation."

From the looks of his studio, it's easy to see that Ortiz's artwork stands out for its clever, catchy, witty statements and bold colors, many of his pieces created with old fashioned letter press.

"I love being from the U.S. My parents are from Mexico. I just have an understanding of playing with both languages,” Ortiz said.

His "ganas" piece is digital-only, but for a reason.

"It’s like a digital flag that people can share. It's meant as an art piece for people to take in and look at it and somehow make a connection to it," Ortiz explained.

The San Antonio artist has other Hillary Clinton-inspired pieces too. For five dollars, you can get one his prints on any item you bring from home.

The money raised will go to Hillary's campaign. The last time did he did this, Ortiz raised $4,000.