BEXAR COUNTY -- Wouldn't it be nice to be in and out of a polling site in less than five minutes? Believe it or not, that's a possibility in Bexar County.

On the first day of early voting, residents city-wide reported long wait times.

Voters in line at Wonderland of the Americas, for example, snapped photos of lines zigzagging through the mall. The result was a wait up to two hours, they claimed.

While many voters wait hours to cast their vote, KENS 5 found sites reporting a zero wait time.

"We're glad we're not over there [in San Antonio]!" said Jesse Sanchez, who voted early at Somerset ISD without waiting in line.

Monday set a record for the number of votes counted on day one of early voting.

"We always do early voting because there's no rush or anything. No last minute stuff," said Judy Johnson, who also voted early at the Somerset ISD Administration Building.

"It's much easier here. We've never had a wait here. I've heard horror stories from San Antonio already," said her husband, Chris Johnson, who also voted early in Somerset.

On Monday, 35,341 people hit the polls.

Elections administrators said this is the most early-voting sites ever available to Bexar County voters. They prepared for the rush after the record number of registered voters.

"I think we tend to forget from four years ago when we had a good turnout. Then we had these other elections where we had a 10% turnout, a 15% turnout," said Jacque Callanen, a Bexar County Elections Administrator.

As the voting numbers file in, KENS 5 looked for the top five quickest-moving polling sites in the county.

So far this week, the sites with zero-to-little wait times are South San ISD, Somerset ISD, Southside ISD, Palo Alto College and the Alamo Stadium Convocation Center.

South San ISD counted 220 votes on the first day, compared to 275 at Somerset ISD, 302 at Southside ISD, 322 at Palo Alto College and 410 at the Alamo Convocation Center.

The polls will be open all weekend. For their hours of operation and for a list of all voting locations in Bexar County, visit