SAN ANTONIO -- Election Day is just three weeks from today and the number of newly-registered voters is enormous.

There are over 15 million registered voters in Texas. Harris County tops the list with over two million. Both Dallas and Tarrant check in with over one million registered voters, as does Bexar County which comes in fourth, but has gained the most since the beginning of the year.

"We are seeing such an influx of brand-new registered voters it's terrific yes it's exhausting all the people behind us have put in so many cards and we've done so many transactions," said Bexar County Election Administrator Jacque Callanen.

In 2008 there were 931,000 registered voters in Bexar County. That dropped a bit for the 2012 election but skyrocketed to over one million as of Tuesday.

"It's a historic election. There is a lot of energy around it and I think it's a happening event so to speak, so people want to participate," Callanen said.

Who wants to participate? Millennials.

Since January, 34 percent of over 100,000 newly registered voters are between the ages of 18 and 24. Another 25 percent between 25 and 34, with the remaining half 35 and up.

So why the big jump in millennials registered this year?

"There's a lot of heated debate on both sides. I know a lot of people don't like Clinton but at the same point, a lot of people don't like Trump. That could be a reason why this year's percentage is higher compared to last year's," said 22-year-old registered voter and millennial Tim Butterworth.

"It mostly has to do with social media and how they are pulling us in. How they are kind of pulling the strings to get our age group in based on where the advertising money is going the things they are saying," said 26-year-old Scott Newman, also a registered millennial.

Callanen added, "We are excited about this correlation. Now we just have to see if they come out and vote."

With over a million registered election officials recommend as many early vote as possible to avoid those long lines on Nov. 8. Early voting begins next Monday.