SAN ANTONIO -- As the number of Republicans abandoning Donald Trump grows, you can add Congressman Will Hurd to the list.

Hurd is the first Republican elected official in Texas to call on trump to step down after Trump's taped, vulgar comments about women in 2005 were leaked.

Hurd had been critical of Trump in the past but broke completely from the presidential candidate last Saturday.

"I never endorsed Trump and cannot, in good conscience, support or vote for a man that degrades women, insults minorities, and has no clear path to keep our nation safe," Hurd said.

He added that Trump should step aside for a true conservative to beat Hillary Clinton.

But Hurd's Democratic opponent in the upcoming election for the Texas 23rd congressional district,
Pete Gallego, slammed Hurd for not dumping Trump until right before the election.

"And now he’s out there against Trump,” said Gallego at a campaign event at Palo Alto college. “When you follow the herd you are not a leader."

Hurd beat Gallego in 2014 for the 23rd district, which stretches from San Antonio to El Paso. On Monday, Hurd was campaigning in El Paso and wasn't available to speak on camera.