The fallout continues after at least a dozen San Antonio police officers were caught posing with Donald Trump and wearing his signature red hats while they were on the clock.

A state representatives and citizens' group want a Department of Justice investigation since they don't trust the city to discipline the officers involved.

On Tuesday, Donald Trump tweeted a video while he was in San Antonio for a fundraiser. It shows San Antonio police officers posing for pictures and wearing the red hats synonymous with the Trump campaign.

Those officers were part of Trump's motorcade. They were standing outside Trump's plane after escorting Trump from his fundraiser downtown. They were in uniform and on the taxpayer's dollar while violating SAPD policy.

"They wasted tax payer money," said civil rights attorney Artessa House at a press conference. "In some way, they have to make some type of recompense for the wastage that has occurred. Also, I'm looking for a suspension. I don't think a slap on the wrist or a behind closed doors reprimand is enough."

The City of San Antonio has already said that the officers involved, whose faces and names are clearly visible in the video, will be punished.

KENS 5 reached out to both the police department and the police union, but both declined to comment.

The San Antonians at Wednesday's press conference believe that the officers endorsed Trump by their actions, and they insist they are not playing politics.

"If they had on Hillary [Clinton] shirts, we'd be here just the same way," Jonathan David Jones said.

The City of San Antonio failed to add accountability measures for police officers in its recent negotiations with the police union. That's why these citizens feel that the city can't be trusted to discipline the officers.

"What we're asking for is the Department of Justice to come down and open up an investigation on police accountability," House said.

A formal complaint with the justice department will be filed in the coming days. On Tuesday, the city of San Antonio asked the Trump campaign to take down that video. It's still up as of Wednesday night.