After three days of early voting, it's already been a record-breaking election for Bexar County. And while the numbers are positive, when compared to other counties across Texas, there still appears to be some voter apathy in San Antonio.

Based on the long lines during early voting so far, Bexar County voters appear enthusiastic. In fact, first day early voting numbers this year shattered the previous record from 2012.

This time around, the first day of early voting saw more than 35,000 voters compared to just over 30,000 in 2012. That’s a turnout increase of about 17 percent. However, when compared to other counties, it’s a bit underwhelming.

Harris and Tarrant county saw a 43 percent increase. Dallas County witnessed an 81 percent jump and Travis County spiked 114 percent.

University of Texas at San Antonio political science professor Bryan Gervais said that demographics is one reason why there hasn’t been as much of a surge here.

“I think [demographics] certainly plays a role compared to the other cities on the list,” Gervais said. “Latinos vote at a much lower rate than other demographics.”

KENS 5 asked a variety of people of all ages and backgrounds if they plan to vote and got a wide range of responses. While there were a handful of positive responses of ‘yes,’ there were also examples of people who continue to show voter apathy.

“No sir, I don’t plan to vote,” Alex Gomez said.

Why not?

“I just really haven’t looked into yet. I haven’t even voted. It would be my first time voting,” he said.

He went on to admit he has not even registered to vote.

Some have suggested that long lines are the reason that they won’t vote, but other cities have seen equally long lines and it hasn’t stopped them.

To find out who’s on the Bexar County ballot and where you can find early voting stations around San Antonio, click here or check out the Early Voting section on the KENS 5 app.