SAN ANTONIO -- Less than two weeks away and the race is tightening between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, with talk of Texas turning blue.

Now, Democrats are launching a last-minute “get out the vote” effort in the Lone Star State.

On Friday, Texas Democrats presented a united front, hoping the state goes from deep red to light blue.

In 2013, Democrats Wendy Davis, Julian Castro, and Joaquin Castro appeared on the cover of Texas Monthly. The cover story asked, “Can they do it?”

“For a long time, we have really begged more Texans and more San Antonians to come out to vote,” Congressman Joaquin Castro said. “We have been plagued over the years with a low voter turnout.”

They failed to get people to the polls in 2014, but this year they think things are different.

“We are seeing historic turnout in Bexar County and throughout the state of Texas,” Congressman Castro said.

If Texas goes blue, it would be a seismic shift in presidential politics. It could put Texas’ electoral votes at play. The Lone Star State has 38, far more than Florida’s 25.

“Go vote and go vote today. Your country is that important. This election is that important,” said Pete Gallego, who’s running for Congress in a district that includes part of San Antonio and Bexar County.

Democrats at Friday’s event dismissed a tweet sent by Donald Trump claiming that vote flipping was happening in Texas. That was later proven to be false.

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“It amazes me that Trump doesn’t have confidence in the many Republicans that are administering our elections,” Congressman Lloyd Doggett said.

And even though the polls show Texas could go blue, Democrats still acknowledge that it won’t be easy.