SAN ANTONIO - United States Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-San Antonio) hosted a town hall in front of hundreds of passionate constituents Monday evening.

With the political ideals of many Americans so polarized in the wake of the 2016 presidential election, town hall events across the country have become very heated.

Many of those heated town hall meetings have been at Republican town halls, and for the most part, Castro was welcomed with open arms Monday. In fact, he received a standing ovation when walking in.

He also said the passion witnessed lately is organic, just as it was with the Tea Party years ago.

The night started with questions submitted on paper.

"Trump and Putin hacking, how long before we know the results of the investigation?" said Castro as he pulled the first question out of a bowl and read it to the crowd.

He also spent a good chunk of time talking about immigration and recent operations by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE.

"Most of all, Congress needs to do it's job and pass an immigration reform bill," said Castro.

Later in the evening, Castro took random questions from the audience. About 400 people showed up. One issue on the minds of many was health insurance.

"I'm one of the millions of Americans that relies on the Affordable Care Act for my insurance," said one constituent concerned about the ACA's future.

"Are you able to do a bipartisan fix on healthcare for us?" asked another constituent.

"My short answer, my approach is to be able to fix the parts of the Affordable Care Act that we can fix to make it serve people better," said Castro.

There were a couple of questions challenging prior Castro votes in congress, but overall, this crowd appeared to be content with their representative.

He offered this message for all Americans.

"You all, I hope we can all agree that we are on the same page," said Castro.

Since this was an official event, Castro said he would not be talking about a possible 2018 Senate run to challenge current Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas).

He said Monday was that he will be making his decision at a later date.