Hundreds rallied at Travis Park on Saturday because of a Confederate monument that is now at the center of a big debate: Should the statue be removed or should it stay?

There were some tense moments and one person was arrested.

The park was essentially split down the middle and right in the middle was a Confederate statue.

The reason that hundreds showed up was a proposal by San Antonio city councilmen Roberto Trevino and Cruz Shaw to have the statue removed and relocated.

Those who want to see the monument stay say that it’s not about racism but rather protecting history. Those against it say that it’s a symbol of oppression in a public space.

There were some brief, tense moments when the two sides inched closer to each other but the San Antonio Police Department was on hand to keep the peace.

One person, identified as 20-year-old Michael Murphy, was arrested and charged with assault. Other than that, no one else was arrested and SAPD says that nobody was hurt during the competing rallies.