An Arlington man has a not-so-subtle message for President Donald Trump displayed at his house.

"Impeach Trump Now!" read banners posted in his front and back yards.

"I think it's to the point," said James Anton, the man behind the message.

The Dallas-native has lived in Arlington for more than 40 years. He was a math teacher at Arlington High School. He's used to be a political minority in a red county in a red state. He created the signs because he's had enough of President Trump.

"I'm not really happy with this man," said Anton. "I think he's proving to the country we made a mistake."

Two large signs are posted in his backyard garden facing a road, while a smaller one is posted out front. He also had 150 smaller signs printed to distribute to people who want to spread the message to their yards.

Signs of course have limits. Only Congress can impeach a president. Still, President Trump is under fire, facing critics from his own party and a few Congressional Democrats have in fact called for his impeachment.

"I think that's where he's headed," said Anton.

Anton got a violation notice from the city over his first banner, posted a few weeks ago. He moved it to his backyard and had a new, smaller one printed up.

"Two-by-four, that's as large as the city will let me put in my front yard," he said.

Most neighbors who spoke to WFAA said they don't really like the sign, but they understand Anton has a point of view and a right to speak his mind.

"He's very passionate about what he believes, and he likes to talk about that, and I think that's huge," said TJ Lewis, who lives nearby and calls Anton a friend. "So many people want to scream, they don't want to talk. He wants to talk."

Not everyone in the neighborhood has been that reasonable. Anton says one person ripped his sign and another left him a vulgar message in his mailbox. He had it laminated for safekeeping.

"I will not be intimidated," he said. "You can't change things by bleeding in private. If you're upset and you don't do anything about it, you live with the consequences."