Many San Antonians have connections to Mexico City. In fact, hundreds of people fly to and from Mexico City daily.

“I started crying when I when I saw the news this afternoon and I felt so bad,” said Claudia Laporta, who's called San Antonio home for the last 12 years.

Laporta's heart and all her family are still in Mexico City. KENS 5 spoke to her as she was checking in for her flight to Mexico City on Tuesday evening. She was headed to Mexico for a wedding... at least, that was the plan until the 7.1-magnitude earthquake hit.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen now,” said Laporta, one of the hundreds that fly between Mexico City and San Antonio daily.

“Every day, we have approximately 600 people that go to fly to Mexico City,” said Jose Luis Garcia, the international aviation marketing manager for San Antonio International Airport.

KENS 5 also caught up with Edgar Esparza at the airport. He was on vacation in San Antonio, but trying to fly back home to Mexico. His family is okay but he’s worried about the destruction he knows he will encounter when getting back.

For Laporta, she feels helpless because she was living in Mexico City on this day 32 years ago when another earthquake killed thousands of people.

“All my family is okay. My friends are okay, but I remember what happened in the '85. I was there in Mexico City also. It’s so sad, I feel very bad,” she said.

Airline officials say that anyone traveling to Mexico City needs to contact their airline for the latest on arrivals, departures, and cancellations.