A Round Rock man had just arrived in Stockholm, Sweden Friday when the suspected "terror attack" unfolded right before his eyes.

Odie Cavazos was shaken.

"I was out looking for something to eat and I noticed a large garbage truck and it was coming through," Cavazos said. "I didn't think nothing [sic] of it, at first, until it just started running over people."

The pictures Cavazos shared with KVUE show a woman crying after the attack, two police officers ducking behind a car and the other people inside of his hotel.

"I mean nonstop it was running over people," Cavazos said. "There was [sic] people crying, screaming, trying to get away and they ultimately just ran it into a building."

Cavazos recorded video on his phone of a helicopter overhead.

"I ran as fast as I could," Cavazos said. "I'm a disabled veteran out of the Marine Corps. So, as fast as I could I came back to the hotel, I called my family."

The U.S. Embassy instructed Americans in Stockholm to stay inside.

"All the trains here are shut down because they're fearing another attack," he said.

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said one person has been arrested in connection to the apparent "terror attack."