A San Antonio man says he was trapped inside a FedEx store for more than two hours this weekend because employees forgot he was still inside when they locked up. So what did he do - he made hysterical videos of course.

Chris Galvan still laughs about his ordeal from over the weekend. He woke up at 4 a.m. Saturday to run a CrossFit competition.

After spending the entire day there he ran into the north-side FedEx store right before 9 p.m., a few minutes before it was going to close.

Chris needed to print off flyers and papers for the second day of the competition. He thought it would take him just a few minutes.

Instead, when Chris went to the counter to say he was ready to print no one was there. The doors were locked and Chris was stuck inside with only a phone to keep him busy.

"I knew I had to pass the time and I was delirious so I started taking videos, jumping jacks and sleeping and walking around doing funny stuff," said Chris.

Chris called another 24 hour FedEx store for help. Employees there got in touch with the store manager who let Chris out around 11:30 at night, more than two hours after he first got trapped.

Despite everything that happened, Chris went to another FedEx store that was still open because he had to get his work done.
He didn't get stuck that time around and instead said the employees were great and gave him free copies.

We did talk to a FedEx representative who said they will be releasing a statement to Eyewitness News Sunday.