SAN ANTONIO -- A man was arrested after police said he sold thousands of pounds of stolen copper.

Jimmy Felan, 37, was arrested Wednesday on theft charges.

According to his arrest warrant, he sold nearly 6,000 pounds (3 tons) of copper in eight months.

There was reportedly an ongoing investigation into copper thefts on the city's northwest side, when detectives discovered Felan was regularly selling large quantities of copper in Travis County.

Investigators found out Felan worked at Dausin Electric company, and according to the warrant, they traced the copper Felan was selling back to the company.

Felan claimed a field supervisor had given him copper on several occasions and said he had taken it from project sites. He said he stripped it and sold it.

He also said he needed the money to make child support payments, according to the warrant. Investigators said the last time Felan sold the stolen copper was when his daughter turned 18.