Prom is a special time for many high school seniors, and students at a local charter school hope theirs makes history this year.

The senior class at San Antonio Can High School is raising money to have their first ever prom off-campus.

For many of these seniors, if this dream comes true, it will be just one of many firsts they will celebrate.

"This year, they really wanted to have their prom off-campus like a typical high school would," said Development Director at San Antonio Can High School Rachel Downey. "So, for the first time in our history since 1995, we're trying to make that happen for them,"

High energy filled the gymnasium at San Antonio Can High School Sunday afternoon while the senior class hosted a Zumbathon to raise money for prom.

This year, they're hoping for a change of scenery.

"We want it off campus to help us enjoy it and make it memorable," said senior Veronica Ledezma.

The class needs $1,000 to rent a venue off site.

"For that typical ISD student, they will probably have the opportunity to go off campus and have a prom," said Downey. "We want our students to feel like they are not missing out on that experience because they go to a charter school."

In years past, prom was held in the gym.

"Maybe an outdoor prom, there are so many ideas that we have!" said Ledezma. "You spend it with your friends, the last day, and we don't know when we're going to see them again."

San Antonio Can High School helps at-risk youth earn their diplomas.

The school will graduate about 150 seniors come June, many of whom will be the first in their family to graduate high school.

"We want to support every effort outside of the great education that they're going to receive to also have those memorable moments like prom, like graduation, like sports," said Downey.

For many folks who couldn't make the two-hour Zumbathon, they instead dropped off donations for the senior class.

Downey says the school's development council will also lend a helping hand, but the public is also encouraged to donate anything they can.

To help the senior class at San Antonio Can High School have their first prom off campus, visit, choose the San Antonio Can location then click "Donate" at the top right corner.

San Antonio Can High School is an open enrollment school; students can register and enroll at any time, tuition-free.