San Antonio is preparing to take in thousands of more evacuees from areas hit by Harvey. But for those already in the city, the wait to return home has been agonizing.

Tina Lancaster will have to wait a few more days, or maybe even weeks before she can head back home to Corpus Christi.

“I took a visual when I left, I thought to myself, ‘I know this is going to look different when I come home’. It's kind of nerve wracking because I just want to go see,” Lancaster said. “Knowing that my place is O.K is making me more anxious because I'm kind of stuck here and I want to go home.”

But not all have a home to get back to. Eyewitness News Reporter Andrea Martinez asked the McFarland family what they are in need of most.

“A new home,” Ronetta McFarland said.

The parents are having an even harder time explaining it all to their daughter, who they said will likely miss out on weeks of school.

“They are missing out on their education, that's what they need here, stuff for these kids to do, to educate their minds.. even in these tragic times,” McFarland said.

That's where the organization ‘Save The Children’ comes in. Jeanne-Aimee DeMarrais said the first nights were the toughest.

“Approximately 40 percent of the residents here are children, the youngest child here is two weeks old - a beautiful baby girl,” DeMarrais said.

She said there were more than 20 children sleeping in cardboard boxes the first night, because cribs were not yet available.

The organization delivered cribs, sheets, strollers, and toddler hygiene supplies to San Antonio shelters today.

“This storm is interrupting children's learning and development and for many of the young children here in the shelter, they cannot afford to lose one month or two months of school,” DeMarrais said.

‘Save The Children’ is also organizing arts and crafts, activities, and emotional recovery programs for children in Texas shelters.

As for Lancaster, she hopes to get home soon. But said she's thankful for a city that has welcomed her with open arms.

“The city of San Anotnio has been really good about making us feel good and safe, and taking care of us.. plus everybody that's donating us.. we're really using it and it's going to good need.”