SAN ANTONIO - The YMCA of Greater San Antonio is offering free swimming lessons to people in four apartment complexes this summer. All four of them are reportedly located in underserved communities.

The National Swimming Foundation says 60-70 percent of minority children do not know how to swim. That's one of the many reasons the YMCA is reaching out to help save lives.

"He has some of the basics of swimming down, but he's not really really confident with it. I wanted to bring him out here to introduce him to something new," said Rancho Sierra resident service coordinator and parent, Fernando Velazquez. He wants his 6-year-old son Caleb to be safe in the water.

"He was really timid about being close to water, as any kid would be when they are not super confident in their abilities," Velazquez said.

Thanks to the YMCA, he's getting free lessons at home in his apartment pool.

"It really helps them learn the basics of how to be safe in the water or how to help themselves if they fall in and get in trouble in the water," said the YMCA of Greater San Antonio's aquatic director Crystal Vega.

"A lot of these kids do not have the access or the ability to travel to the YMCA to take lessons, so we are bringing our program to them," Vega said.

Aside from Rancho Sierra, the YMCA of Greater San Antonio is offering the free lessons to those living in the Salado Falls apartments, Sudden Oaks apartments and Cambridge Apartments in Boerne.

"Their confidence level shooting up is just amazing in the end. Then you know their parents are super excited, because they know their child is safe around the water," said swimming instructor Jennifer Bywater.

If you don't live at one of those four apartment complexes, you can get swimming lessons at the YMCA no matter your financial situation.

Visit this website for more information on lessons, rules, policies and supervision guidelines.