Many are turning to social media to connect with loved ones after the devastating earthquake in Mexico.

The earthquake shook several states, crumbling buildings and leaving scores dead. The news shook the friends and family of loved ones in the U.S.

The devastating video put San Antonio resident Roberto Espinosa on edge.

"We started using all the tools that we could use," said Espinosa, who had family in Mexico. “We started posting the questions on Facebook and WhatsApp and in text messages and in emails.”

On Twitter, many are using the hashtag #SismoMX to report missing people and those safe. Facebook activated their safety check and Google set up Google Person Finder.

"It certainly gave us a big peace of mind to get the message faster,” Espinosa said.

It's a peace of mind many had to wait weeks for many years ago.

"I remember in 1985 it took us almost two weeks to communicate to my sister who was studying abroad that we were ok," Espinosa said.