NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas - There are new developments in a story we first told you about on Friday.

A woman said a New Braunfels car dealer sold her a lemon then kept her down payment. Two hours after KENS 5 aired her story, the truck was returned.

With the help of New Braunfels Police, Stacy Rodriguez, had a tow truck pick up her truck Friday evening from a New Braunfels mechanic.

It's been there since Country Auto Mart offered to fix it after selling it to Rodriguez in April.

"When somebody says they're going to do something, such as, 'hey we're going to take care of this for you,' we expected for that to happen," said Rodriguez.

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Rodriguez bought the truck as is, but said the dealer destroyed the truck after offering to fix it.

"It changed when they said they would take care of it, and you can't go back on your word after the fact when they take the truck and say oh, we can't handle it now so we're not going to anymore. Don't wait three weeks and say that after you've blown the engine," said Rodriguez.

The owner of Country Auto said he was keeping Rodriguez's $7,000 down payment because he'd need it to fix the truck.

It left the mother of 5 with no vehicle and no money.

She said she's been flooded with support from the community since KENS 5 aired her story.

"It's been overwhelming, and it's been incredible," said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez now has her truck. It still doesn't drive, but she said it's a step in the right direction.

"At least it gives us an opportunity to negotiate because we have the truck and they have our money," said Rodriguez.

An attorney for Country Auto Mart said the owner is exploring his options and hopes to reach a compromise with Rodriguez.

"It's super important to document as much as possible because it's your word against a companies. You're the little guy, and you're going up against a company that does this everyday," said Rodriguez.