Her house has a huge hole in the roof, hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages and no home insurance, and yet she says God blessed her.

"My animals, they're like my friends and my husband, and so [God] kept us safe," she said. "There is nothing to worry about. The Bible says He takes care of the sparrow. How much more can he take care of me?"

The fire started burning around 5:45 pm on San Antonio's south side. The woman was home alone when she heard what sounded like a fire cracker in one of the bedrooms.

The fire department says that the sound came from an electrical outlet, starting a fire that spread to the second floor. The owner was able to get out.

The woman didn't want to share her name but she did share her faith.

“Even with this disaster, God is in that. God has a purpose and a plan," she said.

The cross is the sign of her faith and now, the Red Cross will help the woman and her husband start over again.

"It's a house. We'll have another house. Probably better and bigger," she said.

The fire department says that the city will check out the house to make sure it was up to code. The woman asks that people keep her family in their prayers.