It was a frightening moment for a woman inside Eisenhower Park this weekend.

Saturday, she claims a man was hiding in the bushes along the trails and jumped out in her direction.

"When I was running along the trail, I noticed something moving around in the bushes. I stopped and I realized it was a person," the woman, who wished to remain anonymous said.

The woman, who was alone at the time, said the only thing she could see was the man's legs and his orange socks.

"I called out to the person a few times, one time saying hello, the next time asking if they're okay, and saying hello again," she said."

The woman began backing up and grabbed her phone.

"Before I knew it he came out from behind the bushes and I took off running," she said. "I honestly never got a good look at him, but I was able to out-run him. I called the police while I was running away, but it took them over an hour to show up."

Police did confirm the report, and searched Eisenhower Park on Saturday evening, but left empty-handed.

Police told us the officer was not able to locate the complaintant and did not find anyone fitting the description the complaintant provided.

The officer contacted a few people on the trail, and they stated they did not see anyone suspicious in the bushes.

"I've never worried about anybody on the trail. I worry more about the ticks," Eric Clark, who frequents Eisenhower Park said. "It's a nice, safe trail to come on, and there's tons of people out here so you're always gonna run across a friendly face you've seen before on the trail."

As thousands head to San Antonio city parks over the summertime, KENS 5 spoke with city leaders who offered trail safety tips.

"We have tons of people out on the trails and they're having fun, it's wonderful, but there are several things our trail users can do to make their experience amazing," Meredith Tilley, Program Manager for San Antonio Parks and Recreation said.

Park officials say if you're heading to the trails, don't forget your cell phone.

"That's the number one thing," Tilley said. "If you run into any kind of issue or anything, a cell phone will be an amazing tool to have."

Know where you are, and take a map if the park is new to you.

"I can't tell you how many people will go down a trail, and pop up at a trail head, and it can be kind of disorienting," Tilley said.

Pack water, and a proper form of ID. If you can, bring a friend.

"It's that accountability for each other," Tilley said. "If you do go by yourself, tell somebody where you're going."

Police say remain on the main trails, trust your instincts and be aware of your surroundings.

"You might be listening to music, getting your groove on and everything as you're walking or running, but maybe not have both earbuds in. Have just one earbud in, that way you're still listening to your Metallica, rocking it out and everything, and you're still aware of your surroundings," Tilley said.

Another idea is carrying one of the sound emitter key chains, bringing attention to your location.

Parks and Recreation has a Trail Watch Program on Greenway trails, which is a volunteer program with people in bright yellow shirts on trails who are there to help and provide direction.

There is also the Trail Steward Program where paid city employees are in green shirts, biking the trails and ready to assist visitors.

If you ever see anything suspicious, call 911 and use the mile and quarter mile markers to identify your location.

For non-emergencies, call 207-SAPD.

For more information on San Antonio city parks, click here.