San Antonio – A 34-year-old San Antonio woman is facing felony theft charges after admitting to stealing James Avery jewelry valued at about $60,000.

According to information in an affidavit, Ariel O. Cannon was a seasonal employee at a local James Avery Jewelry store. Management came to believe that was stealing jewelry when a video recording showed her pretending to move jewelry from the counter to a stock drawer, but was actually putting it in her pocket.

The video, which was recorded Dec. 12, showed her placing the jewelry in a bowl in a back room and then retrieving it from the same bowl later. After viewing the video, store management suspected her involvement in other thefts at the store since November of 2014.

Investigators reviewed Cannon’s pawn history and discovered she began pawning jewelry about a month after taking the job at the store. Her last pawn was a few days before she was fired in December 2016.

Cannon admitted in writing to stealing and pawning various jewelry items valued at a total of about $60,000.

She was arrested and charged March 31 with theft in an amount of between $30,000 and $150,000. Bond was set at $10,000 and Cannon was released on bond April 1.