After months of haggling and input from more than six-thousand concerned citizens, the new budget for the City of San Antonio was approved by City Council on Thursday.

At a whopping $2.7 billion dollars, there is something for everyone.

The new budget includes $99 million for street improvements city-wide, including one million for "traffic calming" programs that slow down speeders.

About five million is set aside for sidewalk upgrades.

People who ride 10 popular VIA routes on seven crowded corridors will get where they're going faster thanks to a $4.3 million dollar boost for the bus company.

Animal care services is getting a little extra as well so they will have more money for outreach activities. A spokesman said that means more pets than ever will have a better chance of finding their forever families.

City leaders said this is the first ever budget developed with an "equity lens" meaning older, needier neighborhoods get more resources.

There will be 42 new police officers and 43 new firefighters, as well as one new fire truck and one more EMS unit.

City leaders said they are proud of their outreach effort this year. They said three times as many people provided input as just three years ago.

Both the property tax rate and the city’s bond rating stay the same.

To see the full budget, click here.