AT&T announced its plans to take over Time Warner this weekend and now the internet is buzzing with people wondering what it means for them.

For years people watched content on TV, but today more consumers, especially young people, have decided to cut the cord on their cable packages and watch what they want to watch, whenever they want, wherever they want.

That's one of the reasons AT&T wanted to buy Time Warner.

In the past, cable providers like Time Warner have wanted to make that a reality, but they've had disagreements with distributors like Comcast.

Now AT&T, the distributor, and Time Warner, the content provider are all under one umbrella which means there's a good chance in the future you could watch your favorite HBO or TNT shows on multiple platforms whenever you want.

"They're going to own the infrastructure and the content so it's going to make content delivery much easier for AT&T and subsequently the Time Warner division that they buy," said Angelo Vescio with Geekdom.

Most analysts said prices for consumers aren't likely to change.

Experts also said AT&T will be able to create better advertising options by better knowing what you're watching and how you're watching it. This could mean more advertising revenue which in turn could create more new content for you to watch wherever you want.