At a press conference Tuesday, medical staff in Floresville went into the details of their response to the mass shooting at a church in Sutherland Springs.

It all started with an EMS notification received by Connally Memorial Medical Center staff just after 11:30 Sunday morning. According to administration officials, less than 10 minutes after receiving word of the unfolding active shooter situation, the medical center activated their emergency plan.

The first patient arrived at Connally around 12:30, just an hour after the EMS notification. By that time, additional staff members, including six nurses, had arrived at the hospital to assist with the emergency. Community volunteers, including several primary care physicians, were also on scene to help in any way they could. Security had also been called in to lock down the hospital as a precaution.

Over the next hour, seven more patients arrived at the ER, hospital officials said. By that time, the first patient had been stabilized and transferred to University Medical Center in San Antonio. Four more were transferred in stable condition. One patient remains at the hospital, officials say. The patient is stabilized but still in need of medical care.

Staff at Connally say that the eight patients they treated ranged in age from seven to 73.

Emergency room staff are all trained in mass casualty trauma care, including training for younger patients. One doctor said that "unfortunately yes, we've seen these types of injuries before" in children.

Administration wanted to note that patients were "very brave, very cooperative, scared but did very well." One doctor noted that "many of these patients are regular patients and friends."

"In this size of community, we're all family."