Body cam footage released by the Jourdanton Police Department shows an officer use his TASER on a suspect that attempted to flee during a drug investigation.

According to the Jourdanton Police Department Facebook post, the footage was released as a part of their ongoing effort to give the public a view from the perspective of an officer.

Scrolling text at the beginning of the video gives a bit more context into the incident.

According to the video, Officer Cody Presley had stopped a vehicle on Monday, June 5, 2017, for a minor traffic violation.

Officer Presley found drugs in the vehicle and approached one of the subjects to detain him. The suspect began to flee but the chase was brought to a quick end.

The post closed with a warning from the Jourdanton Police.

"Don't make the police chase you. Fleeing from the police is rarely successful and only results in additional criminal charges."