A District court judge has denied an initial request for a 14-day restraining order in a lawsuit filed by a San Antonio businessman in connection with an injury to Spurs forward Kawhi Leonard caused by Golden State Warrior center ZaZa Pachulia.

Although this technically acts as a setback for Juan Vasquez, an avid Spurs fan, and owner of What's on Second, a sports memorabilia store, Vasquez' attorney Alfonso Kennard, Jr. said the next step in the suit is actually just the beginning.

"The important part is the temporary injunction," said Kennard. "It sets the parameters of what parties must abide by pending resolution of the underlying lawsuit."

Vasquez and his company are suing the Golden State Warriors for $73,000. Why $73,000? Well, as the lawsuit explains:

The requested damage amount, an estimate of Plaintiffs’ combined financial losses, is composed of the sum of the jersey numbers for Spurs legends David Robinson (51)*, Tim Duncan (21), and that of injured current star Kawhi Leonard (2).

But Kennard vehemently denied this suit has anything to do with money and, in fact, said ALL money won in the suit will be donated. "This isn't about money. My client has agreed if any monies are recovered they will all go to charity," Kennard said.

Kennard further said his client has a stake in the Spurs experience because he has dedicated his life's work to the team. He said the suit was filed because his client wants to protect all of the fans who they believe have a vested interest in the San Antonio Spurs.

But it isn't just business owners and fans Kennard said he and his client are concerned with...Kennard said that the lawsuit takes aim at correcting an issue the league has yet to safeguard players from. "Targeting behavior has been going on for years," said Kennard. "The league hasn't done anything to protect players or fans from this. Targeting on the streets is a crime. Why should it be different on an NBA court?"

Spurs fan files lawsuit against Warriors over Zaza Pachulia injuring Kawhi Leonard by kens5 on Scribd