The Judson ISD Board is cutting ties with a veteran teacher after his involvement in rewriting a controversial Black History rap song.

The board voted 6-0 Thursday night not to renew the contract of multi-media teacher John Roberson.

According to the district, Roberson will continue to teach at Wagner High School until the end of the school year to fulfill his contractual obligations. He will no longer be employed by JISD after that.

Roberson reportedly re-wrote a popular rap song as part of a black history program to engage students.

The original song by the rap trio Migos, "Bad and Boojee," is explicit. The lyrics use the B-word and N-word, talk about sex, calls women out of their names, and even mentions drugs made with a gun.

The teacher's revamped version was titled "Black and Boojee." He replaced the lyrics to honor Black History Month.

Students were given the new lyrics at the program, but not everyone got a copy, according to Judson ISD spokesperson Steve Linscomb. Apparently, many of the students began singing the song's original lyrics.

Prior to Thursday's vote, the district said the teacher's actions were "inappropriate."

Linscomb said the veteran media-technology teacher had the support of his principal for a Black History program. However, she did not support the use of the rap song as a soundtrack within the production.

The principal also ordered the teacher to remove posters around the campus advertising the redone name for the song for the Black History program.

Roberson was on administrative leave pending Thursday night's vote. KENS 5 has attempted to contact Roberson to hear his side of the story.

Many Wagner High School students are rallying in support of the teacher on social media.