As the investigation into a sexual assault at Phil Hardberger Park continues, Parks and Recreation is working to make the Greenway safer.

In just a few days there will be dozens of extra eyes and ears monitoring trails for all kinds of threats through the department's Trail Watch program.

Right now there are about 50 Parks and Recreation volunteers watching over the city's 65 miles of Greenway, but they're looking to double the help.

"You could be a dog walker, you can skateboard," Meredith Tilley, with Parks and Recreation, said. "We have our volunteers on a unicycle, some walking, however it fits into your normal schedule."

Parks and Recreation is holding an orientation on Thursday for those interested in volunteering. They'll work with trail stewards and park police to report maintenance issues, graffiti and suspicious activity on the trails.

"They're definitely not in any kind of law enforcement role so we don't ask our volunteers to interject themselves into any situation that they don't feel comfortable with," Tilley said.

The orientation will take place Thursday, October 12 at 6 PM in the Woodlawn Lake Park gym. A second orientation will be held on Saturday at 10 AM in the same location. Volunteers will need to fill out an application and do a background check before officially joining the trail watch team.