SAN ANTONIO- The University of Texas at San Antonio is marking their 40th Anniversary of Fiesta UTSA.

It's a campus tradition students said is focused on inclusion and learning more about other cultures. Students transformed Sombrilla Plaza from a study space to a center of celebration on Friday.

"It's definitely electric, you see everybody dancing, everybody's moving around," Jimmy Salazar, a UTSA sophomore, said.

Thousands of students representing more than 60 campus groups helped bring the festivities alive by selling food, drinks and artwork to raise money for their organizations.

"It really reminds me of home, I'm from a border town," Liliana Gonzalez, a sophomore at the university, said. "[It's] just like the way it would be done in Mexico."

UTSA Fiesta is an official Fiesta San Antonio event. On Thursday, students will continue celebrating with Party on the Paseo. It's an alcohol-free alternative to fiesta festivities and is free and open to the public.