A dad's move to praise his wife has taken a left turn.

A sweet moment captured on camera is sparking debate on whether or not this family was really putting their children in danger.

David Brinkley of Oklahoma snapped this photo of his wife Alora napping with his two children. HE posted an emotional note about how beautiful the moment was.

The photo has gone viral with over 500,000 shares. But they were not all positive.

People started in on why co-sleeping with babies and toddlers is so dangerous.

"People should mind their own business and concentrate on their own lives," Lina tweeted.

"From personal experience, you’re never fully asleep with your baby next to you, if my boy makes a loud breath I’m up checking on him." Jamie Perez said.

Ruth Cabrera Gonzalez was on the other side of the debate saying, "one wrong move and that baby will be in harm’s way."

According to sleep guidelines the American Academy of Pediatrics, they advise against sharing beds with babies. They said it can lead to accidental suffocation and increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Brinkley said he supports his wife and the photo he posted.