SAN ANTONIO - A local mom wants your help to catch the crooks who took her SUV for a month-long joyride.

Marlene Schaaf was shocked to find out her SUV was stolen from her driveway one morning.

"I told my oldest to go load up the car," Schaaf said. "She comes back in and says the car is not there."

After walking up and down the sidewalk, Schaaf realized her green Ford Explorer really was gone. For one month, Schaaf wondered what happened to her SUV. Just when she had lost all hope she got a call.

"They were driving it around like it was theirs," Schaaf said. "They put temporary plates on it. They were just using something that they didn't work for."

Schaaf's SUV was not only found, but the thieves were caught ditching it on camera.

The stolen vehicle was found in northeast San Antonio, about 25 minutes from where it was taken.

The thieves didn't realize they were dumping the SUV in a security company's parking lot that specializes in video monitoring. Cameras caught the thieves in the act from nearly every angle.

Carl Lyssy, CSI sales manager, said when he saw the wrecked SUV parked in front of the building, he thought something didn't seem right, so he checked his video cameras.

"They never look up to see if there are cameras," Lyssy said. "They just go about their little merry way and walk off."

In the video, the thieves push the wrecked car up to the parking lot, pour soda all over the hood, then run off. Schaaf said she isn't sure if her car is salvageable.

She hopes the thieves are caught, and she has a message for them.

"I hope you realize that if you keep doing this, you're just going to face harsher consequences," she said. "I hope you can make better choices."