Army veteran Callie Odutuga contacted KENS 5 after receiving detailed information about other veterans who receive medical care through the VA.

All of it came straight to her mailbox.

"I find I have a completely separate veterans information, social security number, address, claim information, that's very personal to someone," Odutuga said.

Odutuga said it's not the first time she's received another veteran's sensitive information.

"It goes into detail and explains what that disability is and it also tells that person how much disability that they're eligible for through the VA and in turn that's going to tell whoever is reading it how much they're getting paid each month," Odutuga said.

Odutuga tracked down each vet whose information she's received.

"I call them up and say hey do you know that the VA is sending your information to me," Odutuga said.

At the request of the other veteran, Odutuga got rid of his paperwork by shredding it.

"Unfortunately not everybody is going to be forthcoming in letting the other veteran know they have their information. It's definitely scary and it makes me wonder how many people have my social security number now," Odutuga said.

A quick search online reveals this isn't the first time the VA has mailed out sensitive information to the wrong person.

We called and emailed the VA's public affairs division, but have not received a response.