SAN ANTONIO -- Veterans, from The Mission Continues organization, led a group of volunteers at San Antonio Can High School Saturday afternoon in a beautification project.

They built a playground for the school's daycare program, re-did the baseball field and provided new outdoor classrooms.

"We want to inspire the youth of the next generation," said Second Platoon San Antonio leader Crystal Lafleur.

After she was honorably discharged from the Air Force, Lafleur said she had a 'what do I do with my life' moment.

"This gives us the ability to continue to do that, to go high speed and come out and be able to bust out a project in eight hours on a Saturday, or six hours, and then walk away and go, 'this is awesome'," she said.

Many of San Antonio Can's students are there because they didn't fit in at a traditional school. Their principal, Mark Tribett, said he likes the relationship they've built with Mission Continues.

"I think it's an awesome matchup between both organizations, he said. “We want our students to do the same thing. We want them to understand civic duty, and we want them to understand responsibilities within their community."