The Spurs were handed their worst post-season loss Monday night by the Houston Rockets. That's just not the Spurs team San Antonio has come to know and expect.

KENS 5 wants to 'Verify' what it is going to take for the Spurs to beat the Rockets in this series.

To find out, we gathered opinions from the following source Tuesday:

  • Spurs radio voice Bill Schoening

The Spurs won 3 of their 4 regular season games this season. Schoening said, going into the playoffs, the two teams matched up well.

In fact, in their four matchups, the Rockets only made 29 percent of their three-pointers against the Spurs, compared to 44 percent last night.

Schoening said that was the main difference in Game 1. The rockets made 50 three-point attempts in the game.

Schoening also predicted this would go to a 6 or 7 game series, and it's possible Houston just landed the first punch.

KENS 5 sports director Joe Reinagel also said the last time these two teams met in the in the playoffs was 1995 and the Rockets won that series 4-2.

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