It's a growing trend in hydration: high alkaline water. Many believe it's healthier for your than regular tap water, touting a list of health benefits.

We’re here to Verify those claims.

First of all, what is high alkaline water? It's water with a PH above 7 to 9.5 on the PH Scale. PH, or potential of hydrogen, measures the acidity or alkalinity of a substance. The scale runs from zero to 14. Pure water sits at 7, which is neutral. Anything lower is acidic. Anything higher is alkaline.

Alternative health experts, for years, have touted all sorts of claims about alkaline, or ionized water: that it regulates your blood's pH level (because we eat too many acidic foods) or that keeps your blood close to a pH of 7.4 which, they say, is key to perfect health.

Alternative health experts also say that's how the high-pH water is able to slow the aging process, increase energy, help people with fertility issues, joint pain, and even prevent chronic diseases like cancer.

Even athletes, like Kawhi Leonard of the San Antonio Spurs, have sworn by the benefits of drinking high-pH water.

We talked to Georgiana Gross, a dietician with UT-Health to verify if any of these claims were true.

"Alkaline water is, I believe, could be looked at as protective because of the mineral content and some of the studies that are noted to have positive effects. However, to promote it as some cure-all, I couldn't do that," Gross said.

Gross points out that San Antonio's water from the Edwards Aquifer naturally has a higher pH of 7.7 to 8.

"Basically, drinking tap water would be a lot cheaper," Gross explained.

She also said that there have been studies done in Europe that found alkaline water may help people with acid reflux. Another study found that it aids in maintaining bone health.

She says that, in general, there's nothing wrong with drinking high-pH water, but has to dismiss claims by alternative health experts that the water promotes weight loss or helps your body absorb nutrients better.

"Here in the literature, I see nothing to support that,” Gross said. “I would say, when people are looking at water and better health, they're also making better choices like not choosing junk-type foods."

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