Collegiate classes and child-care are two of the most time-consuming and unpaid activities.

Imagine doing both at once. That’s the challenge facing millions of college students nationwide.

A program at UTSA Downtown cuts the stress for student parents.

The U.S. Department of Education reports that student parents graduate at less than half the rate of their classmates. A big reason involves childcare. A student organization at UTSA decided to do something about that statistic.

Roadrunners at the University of Texas San Antonio are back to class Monday. Those who have children are breathing a sigh of relief.

A new program at the downtown campus lets the kids learn and play while mom or dad is in class.

Most importantly, it’s offered at night during the week when other child-care options are hard to find.

“I was surprised that they didn’t have it to be honest with you,” said D.J. Jeffrey, a student mom. “There’s a lot of parents that go to school at night. I think it’s great.”

A student organization made up of parents at UTSA lobbied for three years to make it happen.

“There’s a lot of people like myself,” said Erika Wells. She is Vice President of Students Raising Children, the group credited with the inception of the care program. “I actually bring my child to school with me a lot of times.”

Nathan Summers is working on his masters in school psychology. His daughter, Emma, has attended every class with her dad for about two years now.

“There’s not a viable alternative for me,” said Summers.

The group wanted the child care program to be affordable. It is $20 a night.

The children will be cared for at La Trinidad Methodist Church and staffed by Family Endeavors.

Those enrolled must be children of students or faculty at UTSA. The program is open to ages 2-12. The facility is open Monday through Thursday from 4:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.