SAN ANTONIO – Over 1,500 high schoolers from across Texas descended on the UT Health Science Center Saturday morning for its annual science expo.

"What's wonderful is they get to see that if other students made it, they can make it, too," said Irene Chapa, director of Recruitment and Science Outreach at the UT Health Science Center.

Hannah Brady traveled nearly five hours to be there. She's a junior at Harlingen's School of Health Professions.

"I just came here open minded to what they were going to show us," she said.

Allison Chandler didn't have as long of a drive to the Medical Center. She's a junior at Steele High School who's thinking about a career in labor and delivery or the emergency room.

"Ever since I was little I've always wanted to do stuff like this and be in the health field and help people. It's all I've really been interested in," she said.

Every student got hands on experience doing things like suturing and intubating dummies. The goal Chapa said was to get kids excited about careers in the health field.