Bexar County police have made an arrest in an ongoing sexual assault investigation from February of 2017.

29-year-old Juan Ontiveros was charged Monday with sexual assaulting a passenger while he was working for Uber.

Court documents reveal that on the night of the incident, the victim was leaving a bar in downtown San Antonio around 2 am. She then requested an Uber ride from the bar.

Ontiveros told police he picked up the victim from the bar and drove her to her requested destination on the east side of San Antonio. By the time they had arrived, the victim had passed out in the back of Ontiveros's car.

Police say that Ontiveros tried to revive the passenger and drove her around the block waiting for her to wake up. When she wouldn't, he drove the woman to his house 30 miles away.

The victim remained asleep on the drive, but woke up enough to walk into the residence under her own power, according to police. Ontiveros also said that the woman fell asleep in his bed, woke up again, used the bathroom, and then asked to be driven back home.

The victim could not remember having sexual intercourse because she was too intoxicated, but told police that she felt as though something wasn't right. She and Ontiveros both submitted to examination, where foreign DNA belonging to the victim was found on Ontiveros's penis.

Ontiveros was arrested Monday for one felony count of sexual assault.